Tips for your loving home

Protection laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a naturally beautiful modern finish, and easy to assemble. But to serve for a long time, you should pay attention to and wear resistance of the material, choose the most durable. Also, be sure to glue the base of furniture with felt, and if you have a chair with wheels at home, buy an individual mat.

Colorful wall in a white room

White or light-colored walls cause the sensation of freshness and joy to give visual space. On the other hand, they can “on cool ‘inside in the winter time. If you need to enlarge the room visually but at the same time create a sense of warmth and comfort, leaves three white walls and one with an intense paint color.

Contrast in style without excessive cleaning

An elegant combination of white walls, floor and black furniture was and still sublime. However, maintaining the cleanliness of this type of apartment is incredibly difficult, because on a dark background the dust becomes clearly visible. To avoid problems with cleanliness, uses individual towels with antistatic effector (in extreme cases) only pass a cloth moistened with antistatic cleaner. It is also reasonable to buy a vacuum cleaner with dual air filtration.
Beautiful designs instead of monotony

Do you dream of a tile, carpet or monochrome carpet? Think carefully before buying, especially if you like light colors because keeping the surface clean in this state is tough. Consider the materials with small geometric or floral motifs: these are beautiful, and you reduce the cleaning time.

An applet or a floor lamp

During the repair work specialists often ask the owners where sconces be located. This allows holding the wires on the wall safely and discreetly. If you do not decide where to place them on time, better use floor lamps. With wires hanging sconces along the walls are unpleasant.

Salvation for morning distress

If your family is quite large and the surface of your bathroom allows you to locate two sinks at the same time, you better do it. The distance between them must be at least 30 cm for members of your family are not inconvenienced. This way you will achieve avoid lines to use the bathroom in the morning, and the morning routine will become more serene.

A place for washing machine

If you plan a renovation of your clothes room, where bestir think your washing machine. By choosing the right place, trustingly connection of this appliance to an expert. This will save you from the unsightly tubes along the walls. Do not forget to connect the grounding!

A shower with style: the bottom right

Instead of distributing the tile in a traditional way, you can locate it by making a slope toward the drain in no less than 5 ° angle and isolate the selected area of a small margin and a stylish transparent doors. For finishing it is better to choose mosaics: it is easier to tilt them. The most practical option is to pool tiles. For traditional ceramic tiles have a porous structure, which infests of microorganisms, while pool tiles have a high density and do not absorb water.

Do not you from slipping!

A bright tile in the bathroom is often the cause of falls and injuries. It is desirable to replace it with grooved tiles designed specifically for the bathroom. If you do not have the possibility, place a mat of wood, rubber or fabric on the floor.
Paint all at home

If the walls of a small bathroom are as dull and monochromatic finish tile and do not plan to make repairs still, you can put a unique enamel strong colors. It is better to emphasize with horizontal color elements: this visually expands your bathroom. Or you can paint some brightly colored tiles, which will make the environment more lively and cheerful.
Each thing in its place
In the bathroom, it would be best to do some fixed shelves, and shelves and niches cover with tiles. They do not include all the space and will be more organized than chaotically hung shelves. They will look especially nice with adequate lighting.

Follow our tips and turn your house into a dream.